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4.364 euro from a polenta for the activation of job grants to Bra. This morning, Tuesday 12 March 2013, the municipal council of Bra has received volunteers who have contributed in recent weeks to realize the initiative that brought to the table hundreds of braidesi who have thus helped to feed the funds for social initiatives in the city.

The time of delivery of the check.

In front of the members of the municipal executive and the president of the municipal council Fabio Bailo, the mayor Bruna Sibille wanted to thank the local section of the National Alpine Association, the "Bandit Volunteers" association and the association of Carabinieri on leave for the important work done and for the deep meaning of solidarity that the convivial moment represented. "If there is a distinctive trait that has emerged in Bra in this period of economic crisis, many have had the strength to get involved, wondering what they could do for their community" - commented the first citizen, after having withdrawn the check of the proceeds that will be forfeited in the municipal coffers to feed the fund destined to the resources to be allocated to the social. (Rg)