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The music will be the protagonist of the early spring Sundays in Bra. Starting from the 17 March, to continue until the 7 April, three events will bring on stage, in the rooms of Palazzo Mathis, the talent and inspiration of the students of the Civico musical institute "A. Gandino ".

The first meeting in music, scheduled for Sunday 17 March at 16, is dedicated to the piano: Angelica Testa, Bogetti Elena, Podda Giorgia, Marta Veglia and Lorenzo Conforto will compete in songs and sonatas by Mozart, Chopen, Debussy, Bach and Liszt . Students are part of the classes of professors Luigi Buffa, Fabio Gorlier and Patria Micaela.

The upcoming events will feature jazz (24 March), violin and lyric singing (7 April). All the concerts, organized by the Municipality of Bra in collaboration with the Fossano Musica Foundation, are free admission. (Em)


THE PIANO Sunday 17 March at 16.00 pm

WAMozart Sonata KV 545 in C M

F. Chopin Waltz op. posthumous in Eb M

C. Debussy Premiere Arabesque in Eb M        

Angelic Head


JS Bach Prelude and fugue n ° 7 in Eb M "from the well-tempered harpsichord"

F. Chopin Nocturne in Bb m op. 9 n ° 7             

Bogetti Elena


WAMozart Sonata No. 5 KV 283                           

Podda Giorgia


F.List La Campanella (6 hands)                   

Podda Giorgia, Marta Veglia, Conforto Lorenzo

Students of the classes of Professors Buffa Luigi, Gorlier Fabio, Patria Micaela will perform



Info: Municipality of Bra - Civic musical institute "A. Gandino "

         Tel. 0172.44465