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Dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dysorthography, spelling disorders. These are the most common learning disorders. To deepen their knowledge, without throwing parents into a panic, an evening in Bra where experts, teachers and parents will meet. On 15 March 2013 will be held, starting from 21 hours at the auditorium of the multi-purpose cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" of Largo Resistenza, the meeting entitled "Learning Disorders? To understand "who does what", organized by the municipal administration of the city of Zizzola and the ASN Cn2.
In the chair will be alternated Dr. Marina Patrini, director of SOC child neuropsychiatry dell'Asl Cn2, and the doctors Paola Di Pierro and Claudia Allocco, psychologist and speech therapist dell'Asl Cn2. With them will discuss Dr. Roberto Lingua, psychologist, and president of the Italian Association of dyslexia in Cuneo, and teachers Tiziana De Marchi and Antonella Langero, members of the board of directors of the same association. Teachers Maria Teresa Costamagna and Silvia Gandino will also speak, as well as Luca Rocco, a parent and a member of the Cuneese board of the Italian Dyslexia Association. For more information, please contact the municipal family office, by calling the 0172.438234 number or by writing to Free admission. (Rg)