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Some hours of interruption for drinking water in the village of Bandito di Bra. For maintenance work on the network, water will be closed by 22 on Tuesday 12 March 2013 until 4 on Wednesday morning 13 March. 
The areas affected by the night break are via Visconti Venosta, from the crossroads with Crosassa road to Tetti Milanesi street, via Don Orione, from the intersection with Terlapini road to the border with the municipality of Sanfrè, Terlapini road, until the intersection with via Don Orione, and the entire Gallotto road, Tetti Milanesi road, Montà della Radice road, via Professor Cravero, via Cremaschi and the Ronchi area. In case of bad weather, the intervention will be performed the following day with the same time. (Rg)