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Violent clash, yesterday 7 March 2013 Thursday, in Bra on the 231 state road, at the end of the descent of the Gardens. Here the Renault Clio led by MT, a 30-year-old native of the Bra-resident Senegal, and the Alfa Romeo 147 led by BJ, a 30-year-old from Neive, clashed. On site there were two patrols of the emergency intervention of the local police in Bra to make the findings and ascertain the responsibilities. 
An image of the accident.
Two of the occupants of the 147 were transported to the Santo Spirito hospital in Bra, where they were judged healable in a week. Traffic in the area has suffered strong slowdowns for about an hour for the removal of damaged vehicles. On the causes of the clash, the investigations of the police of the municipal police are still ongoing even if, from an initial examination, it was found that one of the two cars went out of the way in facing the curve because of the tires completely worn out and, for this, the driver has been sanctioned as required by the highway code. (Municipal Police of Bra)