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Children, computers, networks: a trinomial that is not always easy to reconcile. For this reason, in Bra, as part of the parenting support meetings provided for in the “Parents Project”, on Thursday 14 March 2013 there will be an evening of reflection on how to make new technologies and children coexist without running risks. Starting at 20:30 pm at the “Giovanni Arpino” cultural multifunctional center in Largo Resistance, with free admission, Professor Barbara Bruschi will speak in the evening entitled “Tecno childhoods”.
Barbara Bruschi, author of numerous publications on the subject, is an associate professor of education and learning technologies at the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the University of Turin and has been dealing with media education and the relationship between technologies and education in the ages of life. For this reason it will be possible to reflect with her on questions that parents usually face, or if video games can help them grow and when they can start using computers. The initiative is promoted by the municipal nursery school in Bra and by the Vita cooperative. (Rg)