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Every Italian citizen can request, for himself or for the minor of which he is a guardian, as in the classic case of parents, to change his name and surname also by simply adding another name or surname. The procedure is the responsibility of the Prefecture. 
The citizen who has initiated the change of name or surname in the Prefecture is asked by the City to request publication of a request for a permit issued by the Prefecture and contained in a special decree. It can be requested by those who reside in this municipality or by those born there.
What you need: The citizen must fill out the appropriate form on plain paper. It is also necessary to present a valid identification document and the prefecture decree authorizing the publication.
At the end of the publication, the office issues a special publication report to be included in prefecture practice by the person concerned.
Regulatory reference: art. 90 DPR 3 November 2000, n. 396

Download this file (modulo_pubblicazione_cambionome.pdf)modulo_pubblicazione_cambionome.pdf[The form to request the publication of the name change.]0 kB
Download this file (modulo_pubblicazione_cambionome_minori.pdf)modulo_pubblicazione_cambionome_minori.pdf[Form for requesting the publication of a name change for a minor.]0 kB