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Summer funeral hours (from April 30st to September 9th): from Monday to Friday at 10, 15, 16, 9; on Saturdays at 10, XNUMX.
Winter funeral hours (from October 31st to March 9st): from Monday to Friday at 10, 14, 15, 9; on Saturdays at 10, XNUMX.

In the only case where the timetables available on a day for funeral or burial funeral have already been booked and a family wishes to fix the funeral with burial or burial at the time already booked for another funeral with burial or burial, that is possible as long as the family who subsequently requests, in order of time, the hours already occupied, agrees to reimburse the Municipality for the additional expense of external or internal staff, which is currently at 63 Euro (including VAT). This sum will be added to the ordinary rights already due to the Commune for burial.