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The Civil Status Office deals with the transcription of the deeds relating to the deaths occurred abroad of subjects residing in Bra, or registered with AIRE (Register of Italians Resident Abroad) or having as their last residence in Italy Bra. In the absence of all these conditions, the identification of Bra as a municipality of birth can also constitute a reason for registration.
The Italian Consulates must send to the competent Italian municipalities (town of residence) the foreign-law civil status documents relating to Italian citizens (who - or their family members - have the obligation to inform the competent consulate ).
The request for the transcript of the act can reach the office, as well as consular, also through the private citizen who is in possession of an act formed abroad and who, having an interest, present a special application to the officer of the civil status which will check the appropriateness of the documentation.
To proceed with the transcript of an act of death from abroad, this must have certain characteristics:
  • must be produced in original
  • must report the legalization of the Italian Consulate of the country from which it comes
  • it must be accompanied by a duly legalized or sworn translation. 
These formalities are not necessary if you come from a State adhering to the Hague Convention of 5/10/1961 which provides for the affixing of the Apostille stamp in place of the consular legalization, if issued pursuant to the Vienna Convention of 8 / 9/1976 on the envisaged multilingual model which does not require translation or legalization, if coming from Argentina, where according to the agreement of 9/12/1987 the civil status documents produced by the interested parties do not require legalization but must report the Apostille, or are subject to authenticity checks, if it comes from Poland, a country that has adhered to the Athens Convention of 15/9/1977 which provides for the exemption from legalization.
As the case history is quite extensive, it is advisable, for further clarifications and to examine any documentation in the possession of the interested parties, to contact the transcription office at the telephone numbers indicated below. At the same time as the transcription of the deed, the registry change takes place. From that moment the person is canceled from the resident population and it is possible to produce the certification relating to the death.