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Before proceeding to the wedding celebration it is necessary to perform the wedding publications at the office of civil status of the Municipality of Bra in Via Barbacana 6.
Documents to be submitted: 
If an Italian citizen, a valid identity document and request for publication by the parish priest or the competent minister of worship.
If a foreign citizen, in addition to the request of the Parish Priest or the Minister of Worship, a valid passport, nulla-osta issued by the Consulate or Embassy of his / her State in Italy clearly specifying: surname and name, place and date of birth, paternity and maternity, residence, citizenship and marital status. The signature affixed to the authorization must be legalized at the competent Prefecture, except for countries adhering to the Hague Convention. (5/10/1961). For citizens of countries adhering to the Munich Convention, 5/9/1980, certificate of marriage capacity. Considering the plurality of cases relating to the issue of the Nulla Osta, we invite you to contact the competent office for precise information.
After the terms of the publication law will be issued, nothing special will be given to the parish priest or the minister of worship.
The marriage certificate, after the celebration, will be sent by the Parish Priest or the Minister of Worship to the Civil State who will provide for the transcription of the same and insertion in the database of the Municipality for subsequent certifications, as well as take care of the forwarding of communications subsequent for the birth certificates of the spouses and of the act itself to the municipality of residence of one of the spouses, residing outside Bra.
Standards of Reference
  • Art. 50 and sgg. DPR 396 / 2000
  • Agreement between Holy See and Republic of Italy 25 / 3 / 1985 L.121
  • Cults Admitted in the State 28 / 2 / 1930 RD. n..289 
  • Artt.89,116 cc 
  • Provisions on public safety L. 15 / 7 / 2009 n. 94