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The separated spouses, who have reconciled, can by mutual agreement terminate the effects of the separation sentence, without the intervention of the Judge, by means of a declaration made to the Registrar where the marriage was celebrated, or in the Municipality of residence of the spouses.
Who can make the request: Exclusively interested parties.
Where to ask for it: To the Civil Status of the Municipality which will automatically request, upon notification of the spouses, the complete copy of the marriage certificate if registered in a different municipality. The statement of reconciliation will be received by appointment.
Required Requirements:
  • Identity document 
  • Presence of both spouses
Reference rule:
  • Art. 154, 157 cc
  • Art. 63 paragraph 1 - letter "g", Presidential Decree 396/2000
Upon declaration and transcript of the relevant act, the office will record the marriage annuity record as well as the master registration update for the certification