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Anyone who wants to change their name or add another name to their own, or change their surname, also because it is ridiculous or shameful or because it reveals the natural origin or to add another surname to their own, must apply to the Prefect of the province of the place of residence or of the one in whose district the registry office is located where the birth certificate to which the request refers is located.
In the application it is necessary to state the reasons underlying the request and indicate the modification to be made to the name or surname or the name or surname to be assumed. In no case can the attribution of surnames of historical importance or in any case such as to mislead the applicant's belonging to illustrious or particularly well-known families in the place where the applicant's birth certificate is located or in the place of birth may be requested. his residence.
The Prefect, having taken all the necessary information, if he deems it worthy of being taken into consideration, by his decree authorizes the applicant to post a notice containing the summary of the application in the praetorian notice board of the municipality of birth and current residence. The posting must have a duration of 30 days.
The publication authorization decree may require the applicant to notify certain persons of the summary of the application.
Anyone who has an interest can oppose the application within thirty days from the date of the last posting or from the date of the last notification to the persons concerned. The opposition is proposed with an act notified to the prefect.
After the deadline, the applicant presents to the prefect a copy of the notice with the report certifying the successful posting and its duration as well as the documentation proving the notifications, where required. The prefect, having ascertained the regularity of the posting and notifications and having examined any objections, provides for the application by decree. The concession decree, in cases where there has been opposition, must be notified, by the applicant, to the opponents.
Decisions authorizing the change or modification of the name or surname must be annotated, at the request of the persons concerned, at the date of birth of the applicant, in the marriage act of the same and in the birth certificates of those who derived it last name. The civil status officer of the place of residence if the birth or marriage has taken place in another municipality must promptly give notice of the change or modification to the civil status officer of the place of birth or marriage, which must provide analogous annotation.
The effects of the decrees remain suspended until the formalities indicated above are fulfilled. For members of the same family it can be provided with a single decree.