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Non-EU citizens registered in the register of the resident population are obliged to renew the declaration of habitual residence in the municipality within sixty days of renewal of the residence permit. For this reason, the municipal administration of Bra has made these days a series of posters and flyers to inform the citizens of the obligation. The statement may be made by the holder of the permit also for the family members present on the same residence permit.

For foreigners who have a residence card, renewal of the habitual residence declaration must be made within 60 days of renewal of the residence card. In both cases you will have to go to the communal office at Barbacana 6 from Monday to Friday at 8 time: 30 - 12: 45 or Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, from 15 to 16. The residence permit or residence card must be presented to the office in the original, accompanied by a photocopy of the same documents. More information by contacting the 0172.438342 number. (Rg)

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