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New for minors who would like to travel in Europe and abroad, since 26 June 2012 all minors will only be able to do so with an individual travel document. Since this date, minor registrations are no longer valid on the passport of parents. However, passports bearing the registration of minor children, but only for holders, remain valid until the natural deadline.

All Italian minorities traveling must be in possession of a passport for expatriation, or for EU countries, including a valid identity card for expatriation. Until the 14 years are fulfilled, Italian minors can only be expatriated if:

  • accompanied by at least one parent or one who has the widow (eg tutor, parenting power).

The passport of the minor shows (unless otherwise expressed in the act of applying for the passport), the names of at least one of the parents as a companion. If the data of the parent is not shown on the passport of the minor, at the time of the expatriation the same parent must be able to prove the family relationship through, for example, the presentation of the family status or the birth certificate of the minor.

For parental authority, it is necessary to have documentation of the nomination as tutor or attorney.
All this is necessary to prevent illegal expulsions of minors on behalf of third parties.

  • entrusted to a companion accompanied by a declaration of accompaniment
  • entrusted with a statement accompanying parents or contractors of parental authority to an entity (eg airline)

14 years can travel without carriers both in the EU and in non-EU destinations.


The accompanying declaration
Important news from the 4 June 2014 regarding the accompanying statements.
Parents or those who exercise the responsibility of guarding children under the age of 14 who travel not accompanied by at least one of them and who intend to grant permission to a natural person or a transport company (eg airline or navigation ) must sign the accompanying declaration that will remain in the files of the Questura.
We advise you to bring a photocopy of the accompanying document, the parents and the child together with the accompanying statement.

For Italian minors, both the accompanying declaration and the passport mention, issued by the authorities responsible for issuing the passport, indicate the name of the person or body to which the child is entrusted.
Since L.1185 / 1967 on passports makes a reference to "citizens", the accompanying declaration applies only to Italian minors and only when traveling outside national borders (ie, if you are resident abroad, the borders of the country of residence) with a person other than the parent with parental responsibility or custody.

This means that:

  1. It can not be issued for journeys on the national territory (eg from Rome to Milan), which, on the other hand, some airlines erroneously apply because of their internal regulations;
  2. It is not necessary if you are traveling with the parent (parent or parent) or tutoring. It should be pointed out that this is independent of the fact that the above mentioned names are shown on the 5 page of the child's passport of the 14 years, but in that case the border check will have to prove to be the parent or tutorial (for example, by act of birth, family status, judgment, etc.);
  3. stating the need for at least one escort, it is left to the applicants' assessment to provide the name of two accompanying persons, who will be alternatives to each other.
  4. The validity of the declaration, whether paper-based or passport-related, is limited to a journey (meaning return and / or return) outside the country of residence of a minor of 14 years, with a specific destination, except for exceptional cases evaluated by the office issuing the declaration.

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