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A long day a Bra in recurrence dell'8 March to turn on l'caution social on violence in family and é more a reality viva e dangerous, albeit latent e end too unspoken. End from morning, different offices public area of city area of Zizzola, have worn la T-shirt red realized dall'Administration municipal to realizzare the spot and report la scritta "No ne I more", claim and from il title to the campaign a contrast area of violence housekeeper. A from da this weekend, the spot will projected in movies Victory ed Empire di Bra e in room Multilanghe di Dogliani.

A moment of presentation.

Ad stick to the a manifestation has been conducted dell'8 March the employees . Common di Bra, in particolare dell'office tributes municipal, area of library civic, area of canteen municipal and have promoted la constitution area of neo Network anti-violence small town wearing la T-shirt and on Retro back a scritta and indicates il number di phone area of new structure a cui can apply la victim di violence. A title staff, have joined also the employees area of headquarters Bra . City Center to l'Use.

In late afternoon, with la participation di un thick public, il mayor Bruna Sibille, together to the president area of Inquiry Equal Opportunity Beatrice Arlorio, ha presented la series di private events dedicated to the day area of woman.

After la projection of spot, to the presence of interpreters and are static a lungo applauded, followed da un enthusiast intervention . first citizen on issues di gender, si é turning la presentation . project "Il corner area of baby food", initiative a support area of parenting, ed in particolare of the moms and breastfeeding.

- interventions are static a care . Dr. Francesco Morabito, director sanitary dell'Asl Cn2, area of Psychologist female doctor Maria Teresa Bruni, area of pediatrician female doctor Anna scow, . pediatrician dr. Alberto Greenhouse, of the Drs Maria Milazzo e Paola Valvo, and have following il project How representatives area of Inquiry of the Equal Opportunity. L'initiative è stata supported da Ascom e Confartigianato area di Bra, ed ha had l'adhesion di esercizi Business ed handmade by citizens, il center commercial Bigstore, pharmacies, library civic, asylum nest, etc. .. For l'meeting, are static rewarded the students dell'Institute Velso Mucci and have made il logo dell'initiative, il comp stylized di a mum and breastfeeds il his baby.

A conclusion, l'invitation di Beatrice Arlorio a take part ALL'initiative "For too many women la violence é bread daily" and si land Saturday 10 March 2012 From ore 9:00 al gazebo installed in Central by Cavour where Sara offered bread messo a disposal dai bakers of Bra. Immediately after, la president area of Inquiry Equal Opportunity ha recalled la evening di Thursday 22 March 2012 21 "Violence on given: when la disobedience é "vita"" and si land presso l'Auditorium Checkout di saving di Bra, by Principi di Piedmont 12, a care area of Inquiry municipal Equal Opportunity, . Lions Club Bra . Roero, . Lions Club Bra Host, ed in collaboration with la Checkout di saving di Good. (Va)


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