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Purposes and Goals

The initiative provides for the use of the Microcredit Guarantee Fund referred to in the L: R. 30 / 2009 and aimed at facilitating access to credit by individuals who do not have their own guarantee capabilities and are unable to make full use of ordinary bank credit and intend to realize an entrepreneurial idea of ​​not less than 3.000 euro and not higher than 25.000 euro VAT excluded.


The facilitation provides for the provision of a zero-cost guarantee on loans granted by the Credit Institutions contracted with Finpiemonte equal to the 80% of the exposure below the loan granted. The Fund acts as a "substitute" guarantee, so the Credit Institution can not apply for additional guarantees to the beneficiary.

The loan must be repaid to the Credit Institution in monthly installments of up to 48 months for loans amounting to or less than 10.000,00 and in the maximum amount of 72 months for the higher amount of funding and in any case within the maximum limit of 25.000,00 euro.

There is a possibility of renegotiating the amortization plan to individuals with actual and demonstrable difficulties in repaying loan rates, however, within the maximum total duration of 72 months.


Eligible Activities

They can access the benefits of the aforementioned Business Guarantee Fund:

1) of new constitution in legal form of companies of persons; cooperative production companies, including social cooperatives; individual companies operating in the areas permitted by Regulation n. 1998 / 2006 ("De minimis");

2) registered at the Register of Companies with registered office and operating in the territory of the Piedmont Region;

3) entirely formed by "non-bankable subjects".

For companies already established, applications for access to the envisaged facilitation must be submitted within 12 months of the date of constitution (for individual companies from the date of registration to the Company Register)


Ineligible activities

Business applications are not eligible:

1) who acquire, in law or in fact, pre-existing activities at the date of submission of the application, covering spouses, direct relatives, brothers and sisters of the businessman, members and / or directors;

2), which represent an extension or continuation, in law or in fact, of pre-existing activities at the date of submission of the application to the entrepreneur, members and / or directors, their spouse, their relatives in line and their brothers and sisters;

3) operating in sectors excluded from the existing de minimis rules such as agricultural crops and animal production; fishing and aquaculture; freight on the road; active in the coal industry.

Eligible Expenditures

Expenses on behalf of:

- Notarial parcel concerning the establishment or sale of the holding; fees for entry to the CCIAA;

raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products (goods for resale);

- rental costs (real estate and fixed-term business), the lease must have a longer duration than the maximum terms for the amortization schedule of the loan set out in paragraph 5 of Annex B of Determination No. 421 of 30.07.2010;

- training and qualification expenses for the entrepreneur, associates and staff;

- costs for the provision of services; patent registration, quality systems, quality certification, research and development;

- works of muraria and assimilata comprised those for the functional adaptation of the building and for the restructuring of the venues;

- plant, machinery and equipment, functional furnishings;

- means of transport limited to those cases where they are indispensable for the conduct of the business and for the exclusive use of the undertaking;

- Integrated information systems for automation, automated or robotic systems, purchase of software for the production and management needs of the enterprise, web site creation;

- the introduction of investments to enable the company to achieve better safety, accessibility and environmental conditions in the workplace as well as to the consumer;

- brokerage costs with Real Estate Operators incurred for the new placement of the business;

- overheads (utilities, stationery, advertising and insurance) in excess of the 20% of total expenditure considered eligible.

The goods used are also considered eligible.

Ineligible costs

- opening P.IVA;

- private accountant expenses;

- security or deposit;

- VAT payment costs;

- personnel management expenses as well as reimbursements to members and invoiced car expenses; real estate purchase;

- hosting and domain registration costs;

- purchase of vehicles for the carriage of goods by road by beneficiaries carrying out freight on the road for third parties;

- assets acquired or acquired through financial leasing contracts and expenses incurred in using a franchised brand.


For information and appointments, you can contact the offices of the Socioscolastica Department of the Municipality of Bra at the telephone numbers 0172.438238 and 0172.438234 (post

Service activated pursuant to the memorandum of understanding signed between the Municipality of Bra, Don Mario Operti FoundationBra Merchants AssociationBra e CNA headquarters in Cuneo for the activation of a counter to join the regional guarantee fund for microcredit pursuant to Regional Law 30-2009.