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Ottantun urban gardens will be assigned to Bra. From the civic building began the call for concession of lots of land obtained from communal property in Pollenzo and Via Piumati, where it is possible to grow vegetables and vegetables for family consumption. Whoever is interested may apply by noon on Tuesday 6 March 2012 (will not post the postmark) if you reside in Bra for at least two years. If you own or are co-owners or usufructurers or renters of farmland in Bra or neighboring municipalities, the application will only be accepted if the number of applications will be less than the total available lots.

Once the requests have been received, a ranking will be drawn up in the municipality on the basis of certain criteria detailed in the concession specification, published, as the application form, on the website or can be found at heritage offices, social services, public works or relationships with the public community of Via Barbacana 6. The gardens will be granted for five years on the basis of an annual fee of thirty euros, with management costs (water and electricity) on a flat-rate basis of fifteen euros per year for each lot, with the exception of the lots of Pollenzo that can benefit from the connection to an irrational consortium to water the plots. More information can be obtained at the Via Barbacana 6 social service desk, at 0172.438125 phone number, or by email at the address (Rg)