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Trafficking and discomforts along the railroad tracks to and from Bra. These were the motives that pushed the Mayor of the City of Zizzola, Bruna Sibille, to take paper and pen and write to the Regional Transport Adviser, Barbara Bonino, and to the Regional Directorate of Trenitalia to request urgent commissions for commuter use of convoys.

"While it is clear that adverse and, in some cases, weather conditions that have occurred in the past few days are the basis for some disruption on the regional rail lines, with increasing frequency of exasperated citizens turn to our offices to signal heavy shortages in the transport services public on iron to and from our city ", wrote the first town, adding:" There are more and more cases of convoy suppression in the direction of Turin, especially in times of intense attendance, with serious discomfort for the user and easily imaginable economic repercussions. " (Rg)