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Ethnic-political complexity, counter-strikes of the Fascist Fascist, misdemeanors of the forced "slavery" of the Italians, fights of the foibe, exodus, life in refugee camps, removal and denial of denial. This was the occasion for a lecture of lucid and timely history of the book of the treble of Luigi Rizzotti, "The great exodus", introduced on Monday February 6 by historian and writer Gianni Oliva, during a meeting in the framework of organized initiatives from the City of Bra for Memorial Day.




"A migrant leaves by necessity, making a bet on the future, to return one day and be able to say 'I did it'. An exile leaves by choice, because he no longer sees the future in the land where he lives. And with his journey to the unknown he loses present and past, cherished places, certainties, friendly faces, bringing with him bags of memories and, throughout his life, the terrible weight of the doubt ". The words of Oliva well summarize the experience lived by Luciana Rizzotti, experience with courage put on paper to tell the story of what was the forced fate of about 300 thousand Italians of Istria, Fiume and Dalmatia between May and June 1945. An uprooting that brought Rizzotti and her family from Trieste to Bra, where that future that seemed lost seemed to have found space, as she herself remembers: "At the exit of the small station, a beautiful spectacle awaited us: Bra showed up at the our eyes with a clean and tidy appearance, ancient buildings, wide streets and paved with porphyry. A large fountain, in the middle of a beautiful garden, housed two swans, gifts in their elegance. It seemed like a fairytale country. We looked at each other with eyes shining with emotion, telling us that everything was wonderful, sure that we would have found ourselves well: this, now, would be forever our city, our homeland and, here, our new life would begin ".

As pointed out by Mayor Bruna Sibille, Chairman of the City Council Fabio Bailo and Culture Minister Biagio Conterno, in "The Great Exodus", Rizzotti knew - with simplicity and clarity - to unite emotional and historical dimensions in a book that it also becomes a reflection on the meaning of the memory and will be distributed to the students of the third-grade secondary school students at the Memorial Day on Memorial Day. " Always remembering the victims of the foibe and the Julian-Dalmatian exodus, Friday 10 February 10 will celebrate the St. Mass presso il Sanctuary area of Madonna to the Flowers, and 11, in square Martyrs of the foibe, there will be dExposure Between of the crowns e l'intervention di Mayor e Directors.

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