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He was received by the municipal council of Bra, today Tuesday 7 February 2012, the accountant Luigi Purcaro, recently appointed Grand Officer of the Italian Republic. In a brief greetings that took place in the Civic Hall Council Hall, Mayor Bruna Sibille wanted to emphasize that "our city becomes richer when some of our fellow citizens are awarded such a prestigious title."

Luigi Purcaro and Mayor Bruna Sibille.

As an insurer and always engaged in public life, Luigi Purcaro has been Vice President of Ascom Bra and more recently Aghav Association for over thirty years. He is also vice chairman of Ascom Fidi Langhe and Roero, vice president of "50 & More Fenacom" Provincial and member of the Civic Committee for Valorisation and Safeguarding of the Santo Spirito Hospital in Bra. (Rg)