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As part of its institutional activities, the Municipality of Bra presents the results of its activities in major national and local initiatives. Below is the list of awards and prizes won over the last few years.


Good Practice Award - Legambiente Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta

Recognition delivered for undertaking a course of energy-saving policies over the years. In addition to solar photovoltaic and thermal solar installations on public buildings, Legambiente has highlighted in particular the action on the replacement of public lighting lamps with low-energy LED lights.


A + Com Award for the PAES

Promoted by the Climate and Kyoto Club Alliance and with the patronage and support of the Cariplo Foundation.

Justification: All the key areas are touched upon in the choice of actions to be taken, in particular in the PAES will be a major contribution to a district heating project. There are also many gentle mobility actions (30 zones, bike lanes, e-bikes, piedibus). An interesting action of the Plan is then the creation of an energy database.

Ecohitech Award

Justification: for supporting Led urban lighting upgrading projects, achieving significant results in terms of sustainability and energy savings


"Cittaslow Prize"

Assigned by Cittaslow International

Justification: recognition of the local welfare system implemented to address the economic crisis and to maintain social cohesion through the "Community welfare" project


"Gutemberg Prize"

Assigned by the Italian Book Association.

Motivation: recognition of the best book promotion and reading initiatives organized by the Italian municipalities for the "Children's Book Salon" event.

"Good Practice Award for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency" - Category Italian Cities

Assigned by the National Center for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources in Legambiente.

Justification: for the many virtuous interventions made in the field of environmental sustainability, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in recent years.


"Klimaenergy awards" - 1 ° classified section "Municipalities and Provinces from 20.000 to 150.000 Residents"

Justification: A set of projects implemented since January 2009 and will be completed by December 2012, aimed at renewable energy production (installation of solar thermal and photovoltaic installations on municipal buildings) and for the establishment of new measures of energy efficiency (installation of LED lighting fixtures in public lighting and design of the district heating network). The recognition.


Culture Management Award - 1 ° classified as public-private cooperation section (Federculture)

Justification: for the enhancement of the territory and the promotion of cultural resources in public-private cooperation through the "Integrated Local Development Plan for Territorial Development and the Promotion of Cultural Resources".

Chiara Lubich for fraternity - 2 ° classified (City Association for Fraternity)

Reason: For the effort made to try to highlight the differences, knowing them to bring to a synthesis for a higher interest, the common good, which has resulted, as a result, the vote in the municipal council of the new city plan by unanimity.

Solidarity quality (Province of Cuneo)

Justification: Companies and entities who are engaged in the job placement of disadvantaged workers or employers who use these persons in excess of their statutory obligations.


Urban security systems and citizens (Forum PA)

Justification: for the "Social Security Promotion Pact" project, one of the best national innovation and security projects presented in the "TechFor", the international technology safety salon.

Family Defender Mayor (Fiuggi family festival)

Justification: initiatives taken by municipal administrations to support the family structure, to protect its rights, to recognize in it the first social and economic investment on the future of society.


Five star commune - 1 ° classified (Virtuous Communist Association)

Reasoning: for presenting a design of excellence in the five categories of prize, showing that it has acted in a truly comprehensive way, with a view to substantially reducing its ecological footprint.


Communicate online - 1 ° classified (ComPA)

Reason: Bra News, Bra's official communication office, best newsletters published by public administrations or Italian public service providers.


2004 Challenges of Good Practice Good Practice (Forum PA)

Justification: Territorial marketing policies for the exploitation of braids' excellence.


Innovation Award in Social Services (Euro PA)

Justification: A "time nest" initiative Abracadabra.