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First meeting, in the new school year, of the council of the boys of Bra. This morning, Friday 4 November 2011, the youngest representatives of middle school and middle school boys met in a meeting chaired by Fabio Bailo, the chairman of the city council of the town of Zizzola. Early in the opening, the two themes that will make the thread across the entire experience, namely the Bra of yesterday told by some witnesses of historical facts that have marked the city, and the Bra of tomorrow, with the deepening of the themes of multi-culturalism and integration.

The participants in the session.

Following the greetings of Mayor Bruna Sibille, who recalled the significance of the November 4th day in which national unity and armed forces celebrated, and Gianni Fogliato's education advisor, a video was released that made the point on the situation of migration in Italy, before leaving room for the testimony of two young Moroccans of Moroccan origin, Houda and Sahar Khtiri. They were, today university students, to tell in person the experience they experienced in Madonna's elementary school when they were the only non-Italian family girls. "It's important not to forget about their origins, but there must also be a desire for individuals to integrate into a new society," the two young men said, pointing to how it is "from knowledge that defeats prejudices."

After them, he told his experience of Giovan Battista Fissore, one of the braids from the Russia campaign during the Second War, an accomplished experience before becoming one of the protagonists of the township business in the postwar period with the opening of Faber. No hesitation in his statements: "Making war is an inconceivable thing, it kills and destroys, not bringing any benefits to anyone. In my experience, however, I have been able to see how good people are in the world everywhere, who does not want the war decided by a few others, "she said, before answering the questions of the boys. (Rg)