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There is a year to regularize any live acts for the transmission of perpetual cemetary concessions issued before the 10 February of 1976. To establish the new mortuary police regulation of the town of Zizzola, foreseeing for all those who had failed to notify the municipality of any assignment or conveyance of the concession the obligation to provide sanatoriums by October 2012.

If this communication is not made, the penalty will be the forfeiture of the right and the consequent payment of the area concession fee based on the rates and conditions in force at the time the new contract was drawn up. For more information, please contact the civil registry office, at the municipal demographic services of Bra, in Via Barbacana 6, or by calling the 0172.438242 number.

In these days, the lists relating to the deadlines of the 2011 cemetery concessions are also posted in the urban cemeteries of viale Rimembranze, Bandito and Pollenzo. Individual notices, with detailed explanations on how to renew the concessions, are then posted directly on the relative niches, ossuaries, manholes of the respective cemeteries. In this case it is necessary to provide for the renewal within 31 December of 2011, with more information always at the branches of the municipal civil status. (Rg)