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If the opening was devoted to laughter, with Luca Medici in art Checco Zalone, who on Monday proposes on Monday 7 his "What a beautiful day", Monday 14 November 2011 the film review "Grandfather at the cinema", the initiative in program for Bra for over sixty with the four-ten-euro movie formula, will definitely thrive on an intense actress act, which has allowed Natalie Portman to win a well-deserved Oscar award.

Darren Aronofski's film sees the icy Israeli star in the role of Nina, an ambitious young dancer from New York chasing the double role that everyone dreams of: the white swan, delicate and innocent, and the black swan, which emanates an evil seductive, in the classic "Swan Lake", able to turn a stranger into a star. Nina manages to get the role, but she's not sure she can embody the dark side of the Swan Queen. As she reaches new heights with her body, the nightmares, fantasies and hiding jealousies begin to make their way deep, causing a dangerous confrontation with a provocative newcomer, Lily (Mila Kunis), who represents her greatest rival. In a short time Nina goes all too well in the role of the evil and deadly black swan. Among the performers, also Vincent Cassel.

The films will start at 15 in a unique afternoon show at the Vittoria cinema in Via Cavour. The review "Grand'età al cinema" will continue the following week, Monday 21, with "Gianni e le donne". The cards to attend the screenings are on sale at the municipal meeting centers of via Montegrappa, Madonna Fiori, Bescurone, Oltreferrovia, Pollenzo, Bandito, at the inter-parish retired center, at the Arci Unitre and at the headquarters of the Cgil, Cisl, trade unions. UIL. (Rg)