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The Bra of yesterday and the other yesterday. The genealogy. The line of blood from the braid families. These will be some of the topics of the public meeting of presentation on the results posted online by the transcripts who participated in the project www.archivipopolazione.comat a scheduled time at the 8 2011 18 XNUMX XNUMX Tuesday City Hall. The initiative gathering and networking according to the logic of the "Iron Method" the transcriptions of the treble parish archives, will be presented in the town hall by its creator, researcher Silvano Ferro, and Father Ettore Molinaro.

With them, mayor Bruna Sibille and Biagio Conterno culture councilor will talk about treadmill experiences within a project that has embraced many Piedmont locations and was presented at the Ogr of Turin as part of the appointment for the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of national unity. Entry is free. (Rg)