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A reflection on services and how they are managed. This is what the council of Bra will do on Monday 7 November 2011, convened by President Fabio Bailo at 18XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Jobs will be broadcast live on the official website of the municipal administration at the address

Here is the agenda of the work:

  1. Communications of the mayor and the president.

  2. Queries.

  3. Motion: downsizing of judicial services in the Braid area.

  4. Approval of minutes of previous sessions.

  5. Article 17, paragraph 7, lr 56/1977 and subsequent amendments - partial variation (areas relating to existing production sites) no. 35 to the current Prgc - counter-deduction to the comments received and final project approval.

  6. Convention for the management - on an experimental basis - by the Asl Cn2 of the social functions by delegation conferred by the municipalities of the district 2 belonging to the consortium. Correction of resolution ccn 27 of 19.4.2011.

  7. Changes to art. 3 of the municipal regulation for the provision of economic assistance pursuant to the 21 resolution of 05.03.2001.

  8. Addresses for the disposal of investee companies of the Municipality of Bra.