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You will be able to submit to the 30 November 2011, in the town hall at Bra, the application to perform the scrutiny function in the seats in the case of elections or referendums. Can you apply who is registered on the electoral rolls of the municipality of Bra and have fulfilled the school's obligations, with the exception of the employees of the interior ministries, post offices, telecommunications and transport, who are in service to the armed forces, provincial doctors, health officers and doctors, municipal secretaries and employees of the municipal employees or commanded to serve in municipal election offices, as well as candidates for the elections for which voting is taking place.

On the contrary, those who had already requested registration in the list of scrutineers in the past will not have to submit a new request, because their inclusion in the register is already fully valid. To be able to submit a request it is necessary to fill out the forms in distribution at the municipal electoral office, in via Barbacana 6 on the first floor. Electoral office to which all information on the subject can be requested. All applications will then be examined by the municipal electoral commission. (Rg)