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The municipal administration carries out the uploading and unloading electronically of all documents coming and going to other related administrations.

The National Registry Index is the technology reference and interchange of municipal master data and public administrations: the association between the citizen's identification data and the municipality of residence completes the circularity in order to achieve the objective of simplification and rationalization of administrative action.

The guarantee of citizen identification on all public administration files is given by the unique search key identified in the tax code. The index does not contain citizen's personal information, which remains the exclusive property of the municipality of residence, but only the minimum data used to find or speed up access. The IHNA, created and managed by the Ministry of the Interior, is a free service available on-line to all municipalities, which are required to participate in the creation and its continuous and constant updating.


The architecture of the Saia (Access and Interchange System) is based on the national reference index (Ina), which allows the virtual logic of communal communes for the reliable finding on a national basis of the citizen's residence. The forwarding of information to the Public Administrations enabled to receive automatic interest data is through the use of a security infrastructure, control and documentation for the exchange of certificate of master data.


Data is entered into the system in a maximum of two working days.