The City of Bra has assigned some officials with organizational positions and highly professional bonuses.

Organizational positions

Administrative Breakdown: Roberta Perrotta (head of demographic services)

Financial Breakdown: Paolo Merlino (Deputy Chief and Chief Accountant and Budget Officer)

Socio-school and cultural breakdown: Antonella Giaccardi (Head of School Services, Facilitated Benefits and ISEE, Deputy Executive in turn Distribution) and Anna Basano (Responsible for Social Promotion, Home, Family, Volunteering and Equal Opportunities, Deputy Executive in turn of the Breakdown)

Breakdown Public Works: Claudio Ramello (Deputy Chief and Chief Traffic Officer), Tonino Saglia (Deputy Chief and Chief Public Service Officer)

Urban Breakdown: Bruno Parizia (SUE Manager, Deputy Head of Urban Planning, Environment, Territory and Production Activities), Massimo Milano (Head of Administrative Police Service, Fairs, Markets and SUAP)

Staff: Mauro Taba (Head of the Municipal Police Corps - Autonomous Service), Monica Perno (Responsible Central Unit of Inter-communal Client in Convention)

General Services Breakdown: Maria Rossetti (Head of Personnel and Organization Service)

High professionalism

Staff:Valerio Tibaldi (Head of the TPL Office and Agreement with the Piedmontese Mobility Agency)

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