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The City of Bra has assigned some officials with organizational positions and highly professional bonuses.

Organizational positions

Administrative Breakdown: Roberta Perrotta (head of demographic services - curriculum vitae)

Financial Breakdown: Paolo Merlino (deputy manager and head of accounting and budget service - curriculum vitae)

Socio-school and cultural breakdown: Antonella Giaccardi (Head of School Services, Facilitated Services and ISEE, Deputy Manager in turn. Breakdown - curriculum vitae) and Anna Basano (Head of Social Promotion, Home, Family, Volunteering and Equal Opportunities, Deputy Manager in turn of the Division - curriculum vitae)

Breakdown Public Works: Claudio Ramello (deputy manager and head of the road service - curriculum vitae), Tonino Saglia (deputy manager and head of public construction service - curriculum vitae)

Urban Breakdown: Bruno Parizia (SUE Manager, Deputy Manager of Urban Planning, Environment, Territory and Productive Activities), Massimo Milano (Head of Administrative Police Service, Fairs, Markets and SUAP - curriculum vitae)

Staff: Mauro Taba (Head of the Municipal Police Corps - Autonomous Service), Monica Perno (Head of the Central Unit of inter-municipal commission in agreement - curriculum vitae)

General Services Breakdown: Maria Rossetti (Head of Personnel and Organization Service - curriculum vitae)

High professionalism

Staff: Valerio Tibaldi (Head of the TPL Office and Agreement with the Piedmontese Mobility Agency - curriculum vitae)

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