New free access points to the internet at Bra. The Piedmontese city is fast becoming the Italian reality with the most widespread coverage of public hot spots, allowing to connect freely to the network through the wifi system. The dozens of transmission systems already active, which have guaranteed coverage of all the squares of the city, since January 2011 have gone to add others.The expansion of the network, managed by the association BraIn, acronym Bra internet , which sees as partners the municipal administrations of Bra and Cherasco, the association of merchants Ascom Bra and stores that adhere to the natural shopping center "La Zizzola", was also possible thanks to the contribution of the regional association Topix (Torino Piemonte internet exchange) , which in the Cuneo area has decided to create a node, feeding the broadband necessary for connections. Node to which wireless operators operating in the territory belong. Hot spots already active, have added new connectivity points installed by BraIn's technical partner, Elsynet, on the Santo Spirito hospital building, allowing coverage of the hospital in Braidese and the area between Corso San Secondo and Via Vittorio Emanuele. Moreover, the radio waves will reach PCs and smartphones in the cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" and in the streets Guala, Trento and Trieste, largo della Resistenza, as well as serving the area of ​​the railway station, via Piumati and sections of corso IV Novembre and viale Rimembranze in the area of ​​the Oltreferrovia. In the coming days, signal coverage will also be implemented in the Madonna dei Fiori district, thus extending to the Atleti azzurri d'Italia park and the entire city sports area.

Who wants to use the service can register online directly using the wireless network and registering."The implementation of free connectivity points in the city allows our network to take a further step forward, placing itself as a reference at the regional and national level, so much so that we have contacted to enter the national association "Free Italy wifi" , promoted by realities such as Rome and Venice "- says the councilor for innovation of the municipality of Bra, Massimo Borrelli. Adding: "This is an operation that goes in the direction of a concrete help towards the reduction of the digital divide, especially towards those sections of the population that would have hardly had similar opportunities to use the many services offered by the network". echo the director of Ascom Bra, Luigi Barbero, according to whom "the project is part of a series of activities that the merchants association is carrying out for the benefit of projects aimed at technological innovation. Soon a web tv will start, which will be called Bra on TV, and a virtual shop portal dedicated to e-commerce of small business. These are investments that will surely generate positive economic repercussions on the city "."The installers of Elsynet told me that after only five minutes from the lighting of a hot spot they had already registered visitors connected "- says the president of the association Brain, Lino Mollo -" This testifies to how much the wireless service has become important for the approximately two thousand five hundred registered users. Many if you think that the families in our city are only twelve thousand. Next goal is to cross the city limits, with free wifi points that will be built in the nearby town of Cherasco ".