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Notice: Useful information for holders of trade authorizations on public areas with parking, holders of trade authorizations on public areas in itinerant form, agricultural producers who sell on public areas.

Unique Document of Contribution Regularity (DURC)

The art. 2, paragraph 12 of Law no. 191/09 has partially modified art. 28 paragraph 2-bis of Legislative Decree 114/98 providing that "The Regions, in exercising their regulatory power regarding the discipline of economic activities, may establish that the authorization to exercise the activity referred to in paragraph 1 (trade in public areas) is subject to the presentation by the applicant of the single document of contribution regularity (DURC), referred to in article 1, paragraph 1176, of the law of 27 December 2006, n. 296 ". Furthermore, the same law 191/09 modified art. 29 of Legislative Decree 114/98 introducing paragraph 4-bis which reads as follows: "The authorization is suspended for six months in the event of annual non-submission of the DURC, referred to in paragraph 2-bis of article 28".

Subsequently the Piedmont Region with DGR n. 20-380 of 26.07.2010 has arranged for the holders of commercial authorization in public areas to submit the following documentation by 31 December of each year:

(a) DURC, in the case of a company with a staff member, issued by the body responsible for the current year with reference to the previous tax year;
b) A certificate of regularity issued by the body responsible for the current year with reference to the previous tax year, in the absence of DURC and in the case of a company that is not employed by an employee;
(c) Invoice payments for INPS for the preceding year, in the absence of both of the above-mentioned documents (a) and b));
d) Receipt of the submission of the Unique Model or other declaration of income;
e) Examination of validity;
f) Photostatic copy of an identification document of the holder or legal representative of the company

It should be noted that for activities begun less than a year ago with respect to the date of 31 December, in the case of company acquisition for sub-entry following sale, management, donation, free loan for use of authorization and any type of transfer , operators must exhibit the same certification from the assignor, ie the previous holder.      
The required documentation can be delivered personally or by post to the Municipality of Bra, Commerce Office, Piazza Caduti Libertà, 14 - 12042 BRA.

If the requested documentation does not arrive at the due deadline, the administrative procedure for the suspension of the authorization will be initiated, as provided for in art. 29, paragraph 4-bis, of Legislative Decree n. 114 / 98 mentioned above.

The Trade Office is available for any clarification and is open to the public on Monday and Wednesday from 8: 30 at 12: 45 and 15 at 16 and on Friday from 8: 30 at 12 : 45.