It is Rolando Picchioni, the president of the Foundation for the Book, Music and Culture, the body that manages the cultural part of the Turin Book Fair and other initiatives, the next witness of the time that will meet the braids in the boardroom of civic building on Tuesday 26 October 2010 at 18. Meetings take place in the city of Zizzola to reflect on some of the most important aspects of contemporaneity, together with characters who, in their various fields of action, face personal stories that often escape the attention of the news. A cultural man, former parliamentarian and undersecretary of cultural heritage, among the organizers of the Torino International Book Fair, Picchioni will talk about the theme of Piedmont's cultural parks, but spends on the various activities that he has followed in his long-time administrative activity. Several times as a director of local authorities and director of the "Turin capital of the world book of Rome" program, Rolando Picchioni will tell his experience in the light of the various institutions involved in the country's cultural policy in the country. Entry is free. (Rg)