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In the beginning were the "marci horses", theatrical avant-garde of the genovese comedy. Then came the TV celebrity with "Trip", "Le iene" and "Camera café". Today Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu are an inseparable combination of intelligent Italian comedy. And they will be the protagonists of the Valentine's Day braidese, Sunday 14 February 2010, bringing on the scenes of the theater Politeama their "The passion according to Luca e Paolo", a show written in eight hands, as well as by the performers, the stinging feathers of Michele Serra and Martino Clericetti, directed by Giorgio Gallione. If we think that the sacred scriptures tell the last dramatic hours of Jesus on the cross, of what they passed the other two poor people hanging by his side, no one has ever said anything. Luca and Paolo finally thought to fill this unforgivable emptiness with a theatrical show that intends to recall the thousand-year tradition of medieval sacred representations, failing even by mistake. How would the two robbers have lived the last hours of their unfortunate existence? Were they ready to face the ineluctable fate or did they do it? What have been said to pass the time before the sentence? With Luke and Paul, the most important themes of human thought, such as life and death, good and evil, the ultimate meaning of existence, suddenly become matter for comedians, with all the consequences of chance. The show will start at 21 and, once the show has begun, it will not be possible to enter the hall. Single entry tickets at a cost of sixteen euros, with a discount for those under twenty-six or over sixty-five and for the season ticket holders of Alba, Cuneo, Ceva, Fossano, Mondovì, Savigliano and members of the 'cultural association "+ events". For them, a ticket for twelve euros. The coupons will be on sale at the theater box office, in Piazza Carlo Alberto, three days before the show from the seventeen to the nineteen and the same evening of the performance, from the winds. For further information, please call the theater's secretariat, at the 0172.430185 number, or visit (Rg)