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Also a representative of the Municipal Police of Bra will participate in the 5th edition of the regional Local Police festival scheduled for Saturday 4 October 2008 from 16.00 in Piazza Martiri della Libertà in Biella. As part of the event, various stands will be set up, including one dedicated to road safety education with a cycle path for children, while the various Commands of Piedmont will exhibit the equipment used in the checks by agents such as speed cameras, telelaser, breathalyzer, equipment for the determination of the possible intake of drugs, latest-generation vehicles, motorcycles, Mobile offices, bicycles, scooters. The Band of the Municipal Police of the city of Turin will participate in the day. The Commander of the Municipal Police of Bra Mauro Taba will participate in the local police party, which will be part of the officers' guard of honor, in addition an agent will be part of the platoon representing the province of Cuneo while two other operators will be part of the platoon of motorcyclists who they will make the carousel with motorcycles. If you are interested in participating, you can contact Bra's Municipal Police Headquarters. Starting today, 26 September 2008, the Regional Campaign called Allocated Travel organized by the Regional Department for Local Police in collaboration with eighty-one Commands of the Municipal Police of Piedmont. The Municipal Police of Bra also participated in the initiative with a series of patrols and targeted services aimed at verifying the use of safety belts and child restraint devices. These services will be performed until the next 2 October with checkpoints both in the center and in the suburbs. The controls of compliance with the speed limits performed on the main city arteries are resumed with greater intensity in order to prevent serious road accidents and suppress speeding. Only in the last week fifteen drivers have been sanctioned because they have been intercepted at a speed higher than 50 Km / h; overall 75 points have been deducted from the licenses. Checks will continue in the coming weeks. It should be remembered that in addition to the fixed signs positioned at the entrances of the city, whenever speed controls are carried out, mobile signs are also placed to signal the next check. A pedestrian was invested in these days in via Piumati at the intersection with Viale Rimembranze where a Toyota driven by DG,. a fifty-year-old Braid, he slightly hit pedestrian MA, a sixty-year-old from Bra. The man was rescued from the 118 ambulance and transported to the Emergency Room in Bra where he was found to be curable in ten days. On the spot came the Brainstorm of the State Police Department's Preliminary Intervention to make the reliefs and accountability. A clash also at the intersection of via GB Gandino and via Mercantini where the Peugeot 306 driven by MM, a forty-year-old resident of Bra and originally from Morocco, and the Aprilia scooter driven by TK, eighteen from Pocapaglia, collided. In the collision the driver of the scooter had the worst and was transported to the Santo Spirito Hospital where she was judged curable in three weeks. On the spot came the emergency intervention patrol of the Municipal Police of Bra to carry out the surveys and ascertain the responsibilities. Incident also on the provincial road between Pollenzo and Cinzano where the Fiat Punto driven by RD, a twenty-year-old from Bra, and the Fiat Bravo driven by DMG, a fifty-year-old from Savigliano, were violently hit. The driver of the Bravo was transported to the emergency room of Bra where she was judged curable in a week, the driver of the Punto unharmed. On the spot came the Brainstorming Prison State Patrol patrol to make the reliefs and accountability. Traffic in the area has undergone strong slowdowns for about an hour. Unknowns yesterday afternoon, 25 September 2008, they entered the abandoned buildings of Via de Gasperi, former Beton Fer headquarters, where they set in motion an abandoned agricultural tractor. The driver-free vehicle collided against the wall of a building and burned: the Municipal Police Patrol and the Fire Brigade of the Bra Volunteer Detachment arrived to secure the area to avoid spreading of the fire. (source Municipal Police Command)