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A reference to the companies that manage the supply of methane gas to Bra, inviting them to "inform the users in the most appropriate ways and with the utmost speed" on invoices received in these days in the city, some of which of considerable amount, after time no more measurements were made on the meters and no invoices for supplies were sent to users. And 'what did the mayor Camillo Scimone and the commissioner for the concession services, Giovanni Marco Gallo, with a letter in which they note that a previous report made last April "the company Enel Gas spa replied that the episode was from be charged for a change in internal consumption identification procedures, resulting in delays in billing. Insurance was also given that the circumstances, as well as the possibility of installments for anomalous consumption, as required by the art. 10 of resolution no. 229 / 2001 of the Authority for Electricity and Gas, it would have been given appropriate information to users ". The two administrators complain that "today, arrived in the homes of our fellow citizens the bills for consumption resulting from presumed readings in the winter months, we note that the above was disregarded, with communications that do not clarify some fundamental points of interest of users ". In particular, the first citizen and his councilor ask for clarifications about "the installment opportunities, which must provide for a reasonable amortization period", as well as having to "clarify with extreme detail on any interest due, as well as on the fees charged for calculate consumption for the period ". According to the two representatives of the Junta, "the municipal administration of Bra believes that such communications must assume a pre-eminent character in the correct relationship between the service provider and the final consumer". (Rg)