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A pact between institutions to ensure greater synergy on safety issues in the municipalities of Bra, Alba, Langhe and Roero. This is what the representatives of local institutions presented yesterday, Monday 21 July 2008, to the undersecretary of the Interior Ministry, Senator Michelino Davico, and to the president of the Piedmont Region, Mercedes Bresso, during the conference "Towards a pact territorial for security ”which took place at the Politeama Theater of Bra in front of numerous mayors of the provinces of Cuneo and Asti and of the highest regional authorities in the field of public security. During the meeting, the Minister of the Interior, the Honorable Roberto Maroni, also intervened by telephone. He wanted to underline the direction of a government policy that increasingly seeks to involve local institutions on issues such as security, including bringing in future substantial changes to the single text on local authorities, echoing in the words of Undersecretary Davico, who pointed out that even episodes of petty crime can feed a perceived insecurity in relatively quiet situations. "We are studying systems that allow us to exploit all that technology allows us to ensure a faster intervention of the police in case of danger" - said Senator Davico, adding: "Among the hypotheses examined also the possibility to have a part of the destination of the expenditures decided in safety directly to the tax payers, with a mechanism similar to those used for five or eight per thousand ”. The president of the Piedmont Region, Mercedes Bresso, confirmed how the Piedmontese administration will contribute to financially support the territorial pact of Alba, Bra, Langhe and Roero, identifying it as a pilot project that involves smaller dimensions compared to similar interventions already proposed in areas subways. To open the speeches, the mayor of Bra, Camillo Scimone, that of Alba, Giuseppe Rossetto, and the president of the hilly community of Roero, Valerio Chiesa, who highlighted the need for ever closer cohesion between the various actors involved in the field of security, also through new regulatory instruments. Then followed the contributions of the regional councilors Franco Guida, Mariano Rabino and Alberto Cirio, who pointed out the need not to limit the discussion on security to the sole control and supervision of the territory, having to also affect aspects of a social and prevention nature . A request for greater attention from local administrations to the needs of industrialists, traders, artisans and farmers came from the representatives of the respective trade associations, while the president of the Province of Cuneo, Raffaele Costa, highlighted how in this field aspects related to road and workplace safety cannot be neglected. Before the conference began, Undersecretary Davico, President Bresso and the other authorities present had participated in the inauguration ceremony of the new detachment of the traffic police Bra. Built in the former Trevisan barracks, starting in October, the new premises will host the Polstrada agents now stationed in Roreto di Cherasco.