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"I give special praise for the application shown by the youngest pupils to the older ones, in solo or group formations, which have highlighted the artistic growth of the Institute, extended to their teachers". This is how Giuseppe Allione expressed himself for six years as director of the musical institute "Adolfo Gandino" of Bra, at the end of the school year just ended. The activities of the Civic Institute have multiplied: starting from a Gandino Canto Concert "Spiritual's Friends" and from the "Gandino" String Orchestra in September to the Madonna dei Fiori Shrine, followed by the Concert for the schools in November, the new year has been full of proposals in which everyone has tried to prove the skills and knowledge acquired. "I still think that music has a strong power: that of being able to unite, to educate through study and constant commitment, where will and seriousness become indispensable in dealing with the varied musical literature", specified Allione. The first major event of the season was the Christmas Concert which took place at the "Arpino" Multipurpose Center, followed by the Christmas Concerts of the Gandino "Spiritual's Friends" Chorus by the Gandino Orchestra. At the Epiphany it was the Wind Orchestra performing at the Politeama Theater and soon after, "Thursday at a concert" began. Five events, all in the Choir of St. Chiara, named after her: "Beau Soir" Traveling with the chamber opera, "Gli Ottoni", Ensemble of Guitars and String Orchestra, Instrumental Soloists, Schubert's I Lieder. In spring, among the activities of the "Gandino", the cycle of class exercises assigned to all the students of the Institute, together with the Concertos of the Teachers for the 6th concert season sponsored by Piedmont in music: five concerts including La Musica Sacra , with the execution of the Via Crucis by Liszt, La chitarra, Duo Bianchi-Demicheli, La Musica Moderna, Trio for two flutes and piano. The school year ended with the essays and concerts of the "Gandino Festival": eight events, five essays and three concerts of the "Brabrass" Brass Group of the "Gandino" Orchestra d'Archi, of the Orchestra of the Istituto di Canale and the "Gandino" Wind Orchestra. "We are grateful to the Municipal Administration, the CRB Foundation, the Province of Cuneo and the Piedmont Region that, with their financial help, have encouraged the growth of the Institute" concluded Allione, "a big thank you goes to Father Ettore, active President of the Association of Friends of Music and to the Capuchin Friars who grant us the use of Santa Chiara. Great collaboration, finally, by the Friends of Music who have scheduled four concerts ". In the summer calendar another concert promoted by People, in collaboration with the City of Cherasco and the Friends of Music, in Bra the 22 July 2008 at the Choir of St. Chiara, for strings, clarinet and piano in chamber music, with music by Bach, Mendelsshon and Tschaikowski. In addition to the proposal for Bra, other concerts are scheduled in Cherasco (18 and 20 July), Roreto di Cherasco, (19 July) and Barbaresco (23 July), again at 21.