IoAiutoBra 1 red
A parade in the streets of the center of Bra, to present to the citizens the Euro Hockey Junior Throphy Men athletes, the 21 field hockey championships held in Bra, Piedmont, from 20 to 26 July 2008 on the park's facilities Italian blue athletes of the Madonna dei Fiori. Starting from Piazza Roma at 17: 30 on Saturday 19 July, athletes from the Czech Republic, Wales, Italy, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Russia, France, Switzerland, Ukraine and Turkey will reach Piazza Caduti for Freedom towards 18 hours, the official presentation of the event. The parade, which will wind along Via Cavour and Via Moffa di Lisio, will be preceded by flag-wavers and, in front of the civic building, in Piazza Caduti for Liberty, official interventions by the authorities will be held. Among these, the representatives of the municipal administration of Bra and the highest national summits of Feder Hockey. (Rg)