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Doors open to the new detachment of the Bra Street Police, which will be inaugurated on Monday 21 July 2008 by the Minister of the Interior Roberto Maroni and by the Undersecretary Michelino Davico. At the end of the protocol ceremony, whose beginning is scheduled for 17 hours with entrance from Via Umberto starting from 16, for the citizens who have intervened will be able to visit the new premises of the command, which will be fully operational from the month of October until at 19. In the square of the former Trevisan barracks, in addition to the National Police Band, there will be two and four-wheel vehicles that have made the history of the traffic police. The "panthers" will be placed next to the space reserved for the opening ceremony and will also be available to fans and curious at the end of the ceremony. Minister Maroni and the authorities present will instead reach the Politeama Theater where, from the 17: 30 hours, the conference "Towards a territorial pact for security" will take place, which will feature the representative of the Berlusconi government together with the Undersecretary at the Ministry of the Interior Davico, to the president of the Piedmont Region, Mercedes Bresso, to the president of the Province of Cuneo, Raffaele Costa, to the mayors of Bra, Camillo Scimone, of Alba, Giuseppe Rossetto, and of Monticello d'Alba, Valerio Chiesa, in his as president of the hill community of Roero. During the meeting, which will allow the first citizens to illustrate the contents of a draft territorial pact in terms of security for the area of ​​Bra, Alba, Langhe and Roero, the regional councilors Franco Guida will also contribute. Mariano Rabino and Alberto Cirio, as well as representatives of the production categories: Francesco Bellotti (industrial), Luigi Barbero (traders), Giacomo Pirra (artisans) and Pier Giuseppe Abrate (farmers). (Rg)