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One hundred and forty-four cars checked, six registration papers and four licenses withdrawn, with another forty-one verified violations. This is the balance of close checks carried out in the last week by the patrols of the Municipal Police of Bra on road traffic in the city. Two drivers were withdrawn to as many drivers who failed to renew them at the end: one of the two had expired for over a year, another license was withdrawn to CG, thirty years old braidese, which, during a control of the rate of alcohol in night time, it resulted with a double alcohol concentration compared to the allowed. In addition to the withdrawal of the license, the man was reported to the Attorney of the Republic of Alba for the crime of driving while intoxicated. The other license has instead been withdrawn to a woman, BA, forty-year-old Moroccan descent living in the city, because she was surprised at driving her car despite having been seized the day before, again by the municipal police patrol, for not paying 'insurance. In addition to the withdrawal of the license, a complaint was sent to the judicial authorities to remove the seals and violate the custody obligations of the seized vehicle. It cost the withdrawal of the registration card to six motorists, the failure to carry out the periodic review of their vehicle, required by law the first time after four years from matriculation and every two years thereafter. Thirty-three violations were imposed on as many drivers for failing to comply with the rules of the highway code. These include the non-use of safety belts and child seats, the use of the mobile phone while driving, the passage of the red light traffic light, the forbidden overtaking, the excessive speed and the non-respect of precedence. The checks, also thanks to the increase in personnel available to the command of via Moffa di Lisio, will continue in the coming weeks. In the same way, following checks made by the citizens, the checks will continue to verify compliance with the opening rounds of fuel distributors. Three managers have been sanctioned for keeping the activity closed, despite their opening. (Municipal Police of Bra)