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From Saturday 17 November 2007, between the 17 and 19, tickets for the first operetta of the season will be on sale at the Teatro Politeama di Bra box office. It is "Eva - La bella Cinderella", the show that will debut in the national premiere in the staging of the company of Corrado Abbati, taken from a libretto by Willner and Bodanzky, before his participation in the international operetta festival. Tickets cost twenty euros, sixteen reduced for those under sixteen with more than sixty-five season ticket holders from Alba, Cuneo, Fossano, Mondovì, Savigliano and the association + events) and can be booked via e-mail (at or by telephone to 0172.430185 and collected within 20: 45 in the theater on the evening of the show. The story. Eva is a young worker who works in the glassworks of Montailleux in Belgium and is the "mascot" of the staff. Eve was abandoned and the good Larousse, a worker too, adopted it and did not miss his love. On the day of her twentieth birthday Eva knows the new owner of the glassworks, Ottavio Flaubert: beautiful, rich, grand viveur. Eva is struck by it: the world of Ottavio, with her happy and carefree friends, reminds her of the theater that attracts her so much. Eva, even if she does not know it, is the daughter of a famous singer. Among the friends of Ottavio Dagoberto stands out, a funny gentleman, in love with Gipsy, little woman of scruples who seeks in marriage with Dagobert a quiet and final arrangement. She is invited by Ottavio to his villa, he courted her, enchants her, seduces her, but the workers arrive, led by the pope Larousse, determined to defend her honor. The young man, seeing himself in difficulty, announces that Eva will be his bride but, as soon as the workers have left, she laughs amused. It was just fiction. Eva is desperate: Ottavio has made fun of her. For Eve another abandonment is too much, flees! Lonely, disheartened and disappointed, she finds Gipsy and Dagobert in Paris. They will help them by exploiting the talent that Eva has inherited from her mother. Two years pass, Eva is a famous singer and works with Gipsy. One evening, during a show, Eva and Ottavio meet. Eva has changed: she is no longer the naive and dreamer girl that Ottavio met in Brussels but she is a sure and affirmed woman. The flattery of Ottavio no longer breach in his heart or so he believes. Indeed, to spite him Eve says she is engaged to a Duke. Ottavio feels missing. He is sincere: he has always loved Eva ... then the truth, Eva loves and loved only him: happiness is no longer a chimera. Directed and adapted by Corrado Abbati. Scenes by Alfredo Troisi. Choreography by Giada Bardelli and musical direction Marco Fiorini. (Rg)