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thanks to the award of seven thousand euro, it has become a short film that is enjoying great success in international festivals. The film "Da lontano" was directed by his own screenwriter, Adriano Valerio, and starring Marco Cocci and Sonia Gessner and will be competing in the shorts section of the upcoming Torino Film Festival, as announced by its director, Nanni Moretti, in the days seen in the subalpine capital. The film, set in the hills of Monferrato, has benefited from the contribution of the Torino Piemonte Film Commission and tells the journey of Marialuisa (Sonia Gessner) with his son Cristiano (Marco Cocci) on the roads he has traveled many times in the past with her husband alongside . The son is about to leave for Paris and Marialuisa can not find the way. The direction of "Corto in Bra" congratulating the director Adriano Valerio, has recently launched the City of Bra Award for the new edition of the festival that will take place from 12 to 16 March 2008, opening again the section of the announcement dedicated to the best original script. The original Italian screenplays, with free themes, signed by one or more authors, for fiction shorts with a maximum duration of ten minutes are admitted to the competition. The artistic direction will select 6 finalist works that will be published on the official website of the festival. A jury of experts will award the City of Bra Award of 7,000 euros to the best. The award of the prize is linked to a feasibility project drawn up by a production company operating on the market. The donation of the seven thousand euro will take place following the presentation and verification of expenditure certifications at least equal to the sum of the prize. The entry form to register the screenplays is available on-line on the website: For the pre-selection the screenplays must reach Bra within 31 January 2008.