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A road accident occurred in recent days in via Vittone in Bra at the intersection with Via Carando, between a Peugeot 206 conducted by SH, a thirty-year-old resident of Cavallermaggiore of Albanian origin, and a Piaggio Vespa conducted by LM twenty years of Bra. The driver of the 206 was unharmed while the driver of the Vespa was transported to the emergency room of Bra for investigations where he was judged to be curable in two weeks. Immediately on the spot the patrol of the municipal police in Bra immediately arrived to ascertain the responsibilities and carry out the findings of the case. The agents have withdrawn the driving license to the Albanian citizen as resident in Italy for over a year without having acquired the Italian driving license. Still on the subject of checks on the roads, the patrols of the municipal police continue to check the respect of the restricted traffic area of ​​the historic center that prohibits parking, in the stretch of via Vittorio between via Audisio and via Rambaudi, every day from 0 to 24 and transit from 15 to 24 on weekdays and from 9 to 24 on public holidays. Carpet checks also with regard to the ordinance that prohibits parking at certain hours and days of the week in the city streets to allow the mechanized cleaning of the road carried out by the Sea company. The checks will continue in the coming weeks. (Municipal Police of Bra)