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The first time he had been stopped in mid-October, when a patrol of the municipal police of Bra had seen a red Peugeot 205 circulate with strange plates. After a brief chase, the car had been stopped and it had emerged that the driver, RT Fifty-year-old Braid, was without a license because he never achieved it. After a few checks it was revealed that the car was uninsured and the plates were false, made by the same RT to evade the checks. Then the agents seized the car, carrying out the judicial seizure of the plates. To RT's charge He then took the complaint to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Alba for driving without a license (of criminal importance after the recent regulatory changes) and for falsification and use of false plates. As required by the Highway Code, the car fitted with seals has been entrusted to the same driver. The investigations of the braidese agents have now brought to light the fact that the 205 is still owned by a young man from Vinovo, the TA ,. thirty years, having the intention to demolish it he had sold it to a car repairer of Carmagnola who, regardless of intention, had sold the car to the Braidese. Even these people got into trouble, the first for failing to deliver the car to a wrecker as required by law, the second for having sold and carelessly entrusted the car to RT. The latter, despite the vehicle being seized, he removed the seals to continue using it, applying false plates again until the emergency police of the municipal police braidesi, in the past few days at dawn, stopped him again in the Cà del Bosco hamlet while he was going at work. New administrative seizure and new judicial seizure of the plates and, consequently, new complaint to the Alba Public Prosecutor's Office for driving without a license, forgery and use of false plates, removal of seals and violation of custody obligations. (Municipal Police of Bra)