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After the Swiss Spreitenbach, the German Weil der Stadt and the Cosentine San Sosti, also Corral de Bustos will become a twin of Bra. Wednesday 14 November 2007, at 19, the Mayor of Bra Camillo Scimone and the Intendant of Corral de Bustos Gustavo Miguel Torre will sign an audio-video link to the twinning agreement: the first citizen of the city of Zizzola at Palazzo Mathis, while Argentine mayor will sign the pact in the "Sala del Concejo" of Corral de Bustos. "The city of Corral de Bustos represents a reality towards which we feel a strong proximity" declared the president of the municipal council of Bra Gian Massimo Vuerich "this choice contributes to tying our territory to the Argentinean land even more. The twinning pact that will be signed this evening is the formalization of what was recently decided by the City Council ". Corral de Bustos Ifflinger, city of ten thousand inhabitants of the province of Cordoba, land of immigration since the beginning of the '900 of braidesi families, Wednesday 14 November 2007 will celebrate the 106th anniversary of the foundation. "Finally also in Bra, as in many other countries of our Province and of the Piedmont Region, we honor our Piedmontese who since the last century have moved to Argentina, bringing with them skills of hard work, love for the land and the family "Underlined the councilor Valter Bergesio, councilor delegated to the twinning relationship" the objective of this agreement is to favor profitable relationships of exchange between schools, spontaneous associations of the two companies and companies operating in both territories, believing the possibility to create strong and lasting relationships that allow us to give structure to the commonality of the origins of the two cities, highlighting, even historically, motivations and pushes that pushed many of our compatriots in the past to the difficult choice of emigration ". (it goes)