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They departed on Monday 26 March 2007 more stringent controls aimed at verifying compliance with the restricted environmental area, set up in the city 15 last January. So far, about eighty vehicles have been inspected and about a dozen were sanctioned by the municipal police patrols. Controls will continue in the coming weeks. Always on the theme of Ztl it should be remembered that there is no longer a derogation for those who have passed the age of seventy years and for those who reside in the areas where the measure is due. Therefore, even if they have a car that does not meet the requirements (petrol cars at least Euro 1 or diesel at least Euro 2), they will not be able to drive from Monday to Friday between the 9 and 12 and 14 to 16. Road inspections During a number of checkpoints on road traffic from the municipal police in Braids, a VW Golf was carried by a fifty-year-old Turin who was driving the vehicle without having paid for insurance since December 2006. The car was seized and the driver was questioned an 742 Euro report. Always in the course of road inspections, an Aprilia moped for sixty days was put under administrative control by a minors wandering a passenger. In addition, three circulation cards were withdrawn to the same number of motorists who had not undergone their ministerial revision. Documents for mopeds As every year it is good to remember all the parents of teenagers who own and carry a moped documents that are to be followed and which must be compulsory when checked: 1.identification card or recognition document; 2.certificate of driving fitness (patent); Certified 3 and compulsory insurance mark; 4. Circulation fee paid for the current year (stamp); 5.Certificate of circulation (booklet if you have the new license plate) or certificate of. technical suitability (if you still go with the old targhino); 6.targa properly displayed and legible or identification mark (targhino). All documents must be exhibited in original and not in photocopy. (source: Bra Municipal Police)