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As has happened in similar events of the past, also for the "Big Night of Carnival", scheduled for Bra between Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 in February, the Municipal Police of the City of Zizzola will perform a continuous service between the 7: 30 Saturday 17 until late Sunday evening 18, with the presence of all organic plant agents used in outside service on the territory of the city in areas affected by the events. The assignments assigned to the Agents will allow you to adjust the traffic and watch the squares and streets where the performances will take place. There will also be two car patrols at night. It will then be followed by the ordinance prohibiting the use of firecrackers of any kind or of various foams, with a fine of between twenty five and five hundred euros. Any requests for assistance may be directed to the Municipal Police Corps at the 0172.413744 telephone number. (source: Bra Municipal Police)