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The Electoral Office keeps and updates the electoral lists which are divided into general and sectional; the former include the entire electoral body, the latter the citizens assigned to each of the sections into which the Municipality is divided.
Italian citizens who are included in the register of the permanent population of the Municipality (i.e. in the registry of the population residing in the Municipality) are officially registered in the electoral lists of the Municipality
itself), provided they have the electoral capacity.
Updates are made through revisions:

Semiannual review
Citizens who reach the age of majority are enrolled in the semester following the one in which each revision is implemented. In this phase, moreover, the voters subjected to the preventive measures provided for by article 3 of the law 27 December 1956 n. 1423 or that have been eliminated from the resident population registry due to unavailability.

Dynamic reviews
The lists must be canceled due to death, loss of citizenship, loss of electoral right, as well as changes resulting from the transfer of residence from one municipality to another. At this stage, changes must also be made to the lists resulting from the acceptance of appeals and those relating to the change of residence within the same municipality.

Procedure conclusion times: as required by TU 223 of 20.03.1967.

The Electoral Office also carries out the following duties:

Holding of the Board of Directors of Seggio
Citizens can submit an application by October 31st for President of the polling station, this request is sent to the Court of Appeal which inserts it in a special Register.

Holding of the Recorder Record
The citizen can apply to the Entity and subsequently, having ascertained the requirements by the Officer and Head of the Electoral Office, is inserted in a special Register. The nomination of the effective tellers at the polling stations takes place by appointment by the Municipal Electoral Commission between the 25th and the 20th day prior to the date of the electoral consultation.

Tenure of the Register of Popular Judges
All citizens are required to enter the office with the requisite requirements.

Releasing Documents

The Electoral Office issues: Electoral cards and related duplicates, adhesive labels for address changes within the Municipality of Bra, certificates of registration in the electoral roll, certificates of enjoyment of political rights, printed for applications for the position of scrutineer and seat president. It also provides for the issue of the registration number in the electoral lists relating to the collection of signatures for requests for abrogative referendums of popular initiative.

Election consultations
During the period of electoral consultations (Policies, European, Regional, Provincial, Municipalities) organizes and implements all the related activities, including:

  • information for submission of candidate lists
  • election propaganda
  • billboards
  • operations related to the organization of polling stations

At Bra's Electoral Office, Under the District Election Commission.

Under the District Election Commission
Head of Secretariat: Massimo Ansaldi
tel. 0172.438286-287 - 0172.438240 Fax -

The District Electoral Commission is established by decree of the President of the competent Court of Appeal after the establishment of the newly elected Provincial Council.
The Commission decides on the appeals presented against the provisions issued by the Electoral Offices of the dependent Municipalities, supervises the execution, regularity and speed of the obligations of the electoral offices of the dependent Municipalities.
It is the responsibility of the Subcommittee Electoral Committee to examine the candidatures for the position of mayor and the lists of candidates for municipal councils submitted by the communes that are responsible for it.

Dependent Municipalities of the Sub-Committee:
Bra, Ceresole, Cervere, Cherasco, La Morra, Narzole, Novello, Pocapaglia, Sanfré, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Sommariva del Bosco, Sommariva Perno, Verduno.

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