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The school canteen service is one of the flagships in the wide range of school services offered by the Municipality of Bra. The peculiarity of our school canteen is that, despite the size of the city, the service is still managed on its own with employees who take care of the entire meal packaging chain, from the supply of food to the preparation of meals, and to the entire administrative management of the service. The sole administration in the refectories is given to an external company, assisted by the staff of the various schools.

In compliance with the provisions of EC Regulation 852/2004 and EC Regulation No. 178/2002 and subsequent amendments, the Municipality of Bra has decided to set up a company system for self-control of hygiene and traceability of raw materials and products finished, with the aim of ensuring the production of meals that comply with established laws, regulations and quality standards.
The system has been developed using the principles of the HACCP method, that is, a process analysis system that makes it possible to identify the health hazards of the consumer connected to the consumption of a given food and to identify the appropriate prevention systems.

Meals are prepared in the "Pellizzari" centralized kitchen in via Mercantini within the school complex that houses the "Edoardo Mosca" full-time primary school (better known in the city as Pellizzari, from the name of the former barracks of which took the place). The meals prepared daily are on average 1.800, of which about 350 consumed in the refectories of the same "Edoardo Mosca" school. Meals depart from here and reach the 17 different schools and nursery schools in Bra, which use the canteen service every day.

Food arrives at the refectories packed in gastronorm multiporzione closed in thermal containers or in individual thermal containers in the case of diets.
In addition to schools and day-care centers, they are prepared daily:

• meals for lonely elderly people;
• meals for lonely and non self-sufficient elderly people, served at their home by the staff of the social welfare service;
• meals for the "Mensa dell'Incontro" set up in the parish of S. Giovanni about 3 years ago with funds from a tender from the Ministry of the Interior in which the Municipality participated for the construction of a social canteen, currently run by volunteers of the town Caritas;
• Meals for athletes of important sports for the Braidese, who come from other cities and from abroad;
• canteen service for municipal employees and police forces (Guardia di Finanza and soon the Carabinieri).

The staff of the school canteen is always in the front row for the realization of the main city events, preparing traditional dishes during the food and wine events that are organized by the Municipal Administration. Among these, first of all, "From Cortile to Cortile" and the traditional Easter festival.

Principles (in .pdf format)

The principles for the choice of menus, food products and controls. 

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The Mensa Committee

With deligera of GC n. 61 / 2018 the School Canteen Committee was set up, a consultative body of the Municipal Administration responsible for verifying the quality of the school canteen service provided to the pupils of the schools in the municipal area, with a view to collaborative and proactive.

The members of the Committee for the 2018 / 2019 and 2019 / 2020 are:

Comprehensive Bra 1 Institute:
Representatives of educational institutions: Ins. Carla Tropini (Primary School), Ins. Rossella Sasso (Kindergarten);
Representative families of pupils: Ms Laura Recalenda (Plexus "RL Montalcini"), Mr. Fabio Fazzone (Plexus "Gina Lagorio"), Ms Sara Boffa (Plexus "Historic Center"), Ms Anna Maria Amatruda (Plexus “E. Moscow").

Comprehensive Bra 2 Institute:
Representatives of educational institutions: Ins. Adele Mantovani (San Michele Primary School); Ins. Daria Romiti (Secondary School “From the Church”);
Representative families of pupils: Ms Enrica Garello (Plexus "G. Rodari"), Ms Paola Migliorini (Pollenzo), Ms Angela Marceddu (Plexus "Don Milani"), Ms Patrizia Cortassa (Plexus "From the Church").


The Disciplinary of functioning of the Scholastic Committee


A new simplified menu has been adopted for school canteens until 31.12.2020, making some changes to the previous one since, to comply with the anti-contagion measures in force, many children eat their meals in class or with double shifts.
We are aware that the menu could undergo daily variations due to the continuous evolution of the emergency and the criticalities that are encountered in the procurement, production and administration phase.
In the spirit of maximum mutual cooperation, we apologize in advance for the possible inconvenience.

Download this file (Discipline_Concessione_Attrezzature-Locali_Mensa_comunale.pdf)Disciplinare_Concessione_Attrezzature-Locali_Mensa_comunale.pdf[Disciplinary concession equipment]80 kB
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Download this file (school canteen menu until 31 12 2020.pdf)school canteen menu until 31 12 2020.pdf[The canteen calendar until the end of 2020]100 kB
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