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The issues of Bra air quality brought to the attention of the Region. The Environment Assessors, Giovanni Marco Gallo, and Viabilità, Roberto Russo, of the Giunta Scimone were received yesterday, on Tuesday 18 July 2006, in Turin by the Assessor of the Environment of the Piedmont Region, Nicola De Ruggiero. During the meeting, which also included Regional Councilor Bruna Sibille and Regional Councilor Franco Guida, the administrators of the city of Zizzola illustrated the initiatives already implemented and those to be taken shortly to improve air quality in city. Councilor De Ruggiero has instead anticipated the next steps the Region intends to promote on the subject, urging trustee administrators to intervene mainly on the vehicle traffic component. It did not accept the request to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for financing the interventions, given the Region's intention to divert its funds to the various provincial government in Piedmont. By adopting the advisor's statement, Bra's municipal administration intends to intensify controls in the restricted traffic area, in an effort to fine-tune the transgressors in a short time, and to progressively renovate the municipal car park, privileging solutions that minimize environmental impact. Other interventions will be implemented, always in agreement with the Region, in the field of collective transport. Here you will privilege smaller, hybrid power vehicles, while older vehicles will be equipped with a special particulate filter. (Rg)